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How to Seek WordPress Support Properly

Posted by on Jun 27, 2018

How to Seek WordPress Support Properly

WordPress is a large open source community project for plugin and theme developers. Before asking for any sort of WordPress support, you should understand that the community project welcomes everyone to contribute to its development. You can suggest or fix bugs, contribute to software patches, create a theme or create a plugin when you are part of the WordPress community.

Where to Look for the Support

WordPress support forums are among the best places where you can find help regarding a certain theme or plugin you are using. For instance, if you’re experiencing issues with a plugin, simply access the plugin’s page from your WordPress repository and click on the support tab. Remember to read all the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) found on the support page.

You may find the solution to the problem you are experiencing from the FAQs. You can use search engines such as Google or Bing to look for solutions to problems you are having with a theme or plugin. If you do not find the solution in your search results or the FAQs, be sure to post a question in the support page.

How to Format Your Question

Since you are looking for help, you should be courteous for you to find relevant expert to offer it. Try to be concise, clear and respectful when framing the question. Do not use a commanding or an accusatory tone since the developer is likely to view your question as disrespectful. The developer will be taking his or her time to respond to your query free. No one would like to waste his or her valuable time to attend to a person who is arrogant or rude.

Start with stating the measures that you took when the theme or plugin began experiencing issues. Your query can read like this: “Thank you for developing the ABC theme (or plugin). I’m currently experiencing difficulties when trying to customize the theme”. Proceed with giving the details regarding the WordPress version, web hosting solution and theme version you are using. Do not forget to list the solutions you tried and thank the developer for taking his or her time to help you.

Support Channels for Commercial WordPress Themes and Plugins

Unlike free plugins and themes, commercial plugins and themes have their dedicated support channels. If you are using them, you should always reach out to the support channels whenever problems arise. Remember that you cannot get any help if you fail to post your queries to the designated support areas. As a customer, paying for a WordPress plugin or theme does not entitle you to rudeness. Mind your language when seeking help.


The type of WordPress support you receive depends on how you present your queries to the developer. If you fail to give full details of the problem you are experiencing, the expert may not be in a position to help you. Furthermore, if you approach the task with rudeness and arrogance, there are high chances of you failing to get feedback. Always remember that the developers deserve respect for the plugin or theme they made. Your duty as their client is to be courteous when approaching them for help.

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